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How to Maintain Your HVAC System

No matter the time of year, the air conditioning and heating equipment should be working smoothly for comfort and convenience. A little preventive maintenance can ensure the reliability of your unit, reduce unexpected emergency calls, and prolong its lifespan. Here are our top tips to add to your home maintenance checklist:

Change the air filter regularly

The air filter plays an important role in the HVAC system. It filters out the airborne contaminants and prevents them from circulating around your home. In order for you to take advantage of the best indoor air quality and ideal heating and cooling performance, changing the filters every one to three months is highly recommended. If it is allergy season or you are a pet lover, consider replacing them more frequently. 

Make good use of curtains and blinds

The curtains and blinds are more than just a mere decoration in your house. They can help in controlling indoor temperature, especially during harsh weather conditions. For instance, you can try closing them when you’re experiencing the scorching heat in the summer. Then in the winter, you can leave them wide open to allow natural light to come in. Doing these allow you to stay nice and cozy without adjusting the thermostat and dealing with high energy costs later on. 

Open the vents

Closing off one area could cause unnecessary stress on the HVAC unit, so it is a good idea to keep the vents open even in rooms and areas you don’t utilize. That way, the systems won’t have to work harder than they should.

Make programmable thermostats your new BFF

Programmable thermostats offer many advantages which include scheduling temperature changes, monitoring energy usage, and customizing the settings based on your lifestyle and needs. The amazing features allow you to experience comfort and at the same time, save energy and money.

Seal windows and doors

Insulating and weatherproofing your windows and doors prevent losing warm or cold air from your HVAC systems. Generally, a good quality sealant can be extremely beneficial for protecting your home. It properly seals windows and doors and helps to keep the elements outside.

Call the professionals for regular maintenance

Experts recommend preventive maintenance twice a year. They can flush the coils, inspect the drain pan and drainage system, vacuum the blower compartments, look over the voltage on motors, check refrigerant levels in the AC unit, review furnace operation, and see if there are any loose wires. This way, you can spot any issues and prevent them from being a nuisance in the future. 

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