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How to Plan Your Next Home Improvement Project Like a Pro

If you’ve got a home remodeling project in mind, there are some things to remember to ensure the job goes smoothly and turns out as planned. Whether you are expanding a cramped space, changing the layout, or just adding a little functionality to an area, follow these steps to a successful home remodel.

Have a remodeling plan. A solid remodeling plan before doing any project can keep you on the right track. Be sure to plan every aspect — from selecting materials to appliances and fixtures. Avoid last-minute decisions and keep costs under control. If you need to find a place to stay while the construction is underway, plan this ahead, too.

Have a contingency fund ready. Sometimes there are unforeseen issues to be addressed like damages to walls or structural problems. Be sure to set aside a 5-10% contingency fund for anything that may arise.

Understand the contract terms. When you finally agree to put your plan to work, it is imperative to know the provisions in the contract by heart. A detailed written contract should indicate the start and end date, a list of tasks to be done, warranties, and other terms.

Know that there will be ups and downs. Getting an upgrade can be exciting but could not be a smooth sailing one. You may encounter unexpected delays and inevitable inconveniences along the way so make sure you’re emotionally, mentally, and financially ready.

Get help. Always interview the contractor and check their credentials, license, and liability insurance. Hire a professional with a good track record and reputation in the Better Business Bureau and positive customer references. 

Be involved. If you find something unsatisfactory, let the contractor know. Remember, professionals can do amazing things but they can’t read minds. Communicating well, and being around and “on top” of the job will help you visualize the picture-perfect outcome.

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